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Matthew Hodgson 谈通信工具的选择 - vimacs - 11-19-2019


LLVM 开发者社区在考虑分别用 Discord 和 Discourse 替换 IRC 和邮件列表(不要把这两个名字相近的东西搞混了,Discourse 是个自由的论坛系统。),在交流的过程中有人反对使用私有的 Discord 通信工具,并提到 Matrix. Matrix 的创立者和主要开发者之一 Matthew Hodgson 在邮件列表中回应,谈到 Matrix 相对 Discord 的优势,以及为什么用户选择某种通信方式。以下是他的总结:

TL;DR: please don't pick a chat solution based purely on its current
shininess and UX.  The FOSS options are evolving very rapidly (much more
so than the Slacks & Discords), but we will only be able to grow if
we're given the opportunity, rather than being dismissed due to being
FOSS or "not mainstream" - much like LLVM in the early days needed
champions to spur forward development.

P.S. and even if some of Rust are lost on Discord, others ended up on
Matrix, c.f.